Myself Prashanth from Mysore, Karnataka, India. Working with IT corporate culture so many years I never left my love towards yoga. Yoga is not just part of my life, it travels with me in my entire span of life in every step of My life. Yoga is introduced to me in my childhood from my father to heel my sick (I Was an allergy patient). Since then I have practiced Yoga under guidance of my father for 5 years. Yes, My father is my first yoga guru. Any knowledge that is introduced in childhood has special impact on life. Since 2013 I have been practicing vinyasa yoga and today I stand in front of you all as a person who emerged different because of Yoga. Practice should never end in the yoga whether it is teacher or student, Practice is the key to the success. Believing strongly in this. and Im trained in the subjects of Hatha, Ashthanga, Pranayama, and Kriya and holding a RYT 200 Teaching Certificate from Yoga Alliance. I offer online private yoga classes, group classes, and is available for special events across the world. Please check the Class Schedule for current availability. You can also get in touch by email or WhatsApp +919535463588.